Welcome to Grad Wellbeing

Welcome to the Graduate Student Wellbeing Network at UBC community web page!

Here you will find information about wellbeing and mental health resources on campus, in the community, and online. You’ll also find information about your grad program’s Wellbeing Rep, a calendar with wellbeing events, and a topical discussion space featuring articles and think pieces submitted by your fellow grad students at UBC.

The Network is a grassroots student organization that aims to bring together grad students across UBC to work on tackling wellbeing and mental health issues together. Grad school can be a uniquely difficult, lonely and stressful time of life. Many of us have struggled with wellbeing issues, and spent months and years accessing and compiling helpful resources for ourselves.

Through this page, we hope to bring together these resources and create a space for sharing stories, establishing a sense of grad community, and get through this together.

We hope this page can be a small step towards improving your wellbeing!